About the Study

The Toledo Moves Transportation Study is a survey of day-to-day household travel activity and typical travel patterns for residents across the Greater Toledo region. This information is vital for the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, the Ohio Department of Transportation and regional planning agencies to understand how the transportation system is impacted by growth, development and other changes in communities across the region.

The data collected in this study will be used to update the database of household travel behavior and to forecast travel needs into the future. Reliable and viable travel options contribute to Greater Toledo’s quality of life and economic vitality, and this study will help agencies prioritize transportation improvements to support the needs of communities in the future.

For more information about this study, please visit the FAQs or contact us.

To participate, you will first be asked to provide information about your household. Then, each adult will be asked to use a smartphone to capture and answer questions about their travel. If you do not have a smartphone, you can participate online or over the phone.

the overview of the study